I’m back!  We had an appt on Thursday of last week for an update. I was excited to work through our questions, and get to hear the babies’ heartbeats!  Wrinkle #1 in the plan happened when K got a cold, just enough to get a mild fever and get booted out of day care.  So he was home with me on Thursday and would be at the appointment with us. 

I talked to him about how we needed to sit quietly and listen to the doctor, and that we would get to hear the babies’ heartbeats!  He seemed excited about that, and YELLED it at daddy when he came home to ride with us.

Our questions were answered.  K behaved fairly well.  Wrinkle #2 occurred when there were no heartbeats with the Doppler. 


I suppose that isn’t unheard of at 14 weeks.  We tried to convince ourselves it was early, and there had been no complications or signs of miscarriage so we shouldn’t be alarmed.  But…well…you try not worrying about that.

It was 5:00 and the office ultrasound tech was gone.  We were able to book an appt the next day to return and do an ultrasound to check on the babies.

Long night.

Long morning.

But good news.

They are in there.  Kicking, flailing, and growing away.  Two healthy heartbeats.   Two relieved parents.

They look like mini humans now.  Or at least mini humans who look a bit like aliens.  We got to see arms and legs moving, tiny feet, and one photogenic baby gave us a profile view with a cute little nose.  In our favorite shot we were looking at them from “above” and could only see their itty bitty heads…facing one another.  Probably talking about that joke they played on mommy that one time they hid from the Doppler.