We had an appointment with the Doc yesterday.  It was a nice “uneventful” one!  🙂  We like those. 

  • Blood pressure looked good.
  • Protein and Glucose looked good. 
  • Weight Gain looked good.
  • Belly growth looked good.  (Ahead of schedule for 1, but that is to be expected…have I mentioned there are 2?)
  • Heartbeats showed up right away and were going strong.  (138 and 145)
  • All in all a good report! 

We talked more about the local NICU, as well as options if we have an early or high risk delivery, and found out that Dr Kathy has twins as well!

She also confirmed that if our twins are Mono-Di (One Placenta, Two Amniotic Sacs) then they are MOST LIKELY identical.  However, the problem is it is often hard to distinguish that there are two placentas in the ultrasound early on, so that’s the real unknown for us right now.  But J and I both agree our ultrasound tech seemed pretty confident.

Other updates:  We’re scheduled for the fetal echocardiogram at Nationwide next week.  Learning more there will help determine if there’s any reason for special treatment or birth planning.  Future appointments include the full anatomy scan/ultrasound on July 2nd, and a routine appointment on July 30th.  After that the activity will begin to pick up in the 3rd trimester. 

For now…smooth sailing!