Remember this guy? 

K 2 yr school pic

The main reason I started this blog?  Between pregnancy updates, and a busy summer I haven’t been providing good updates on him.  So I wanted to catch you up a little. 

K continues to grow and change on what seems like a daily basis.  We have our battles.  He is not a morning person.  He loves throwing toys.  He can be a bear when he’s short on sleep.  He conveniently loses his hearing when you tell him what to do.  He can be finicky with food.  But he’s still growing up so much and is a good boy.  He talks in paragraphs, MOST of which we can understand.  He “helps” with everything.  AND…he seems to be grasping that mommy is in fact having two babies, and they will be OUR babies.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s still in for a huge shock, heck, so am I.  But he seems excited about the idea of some home grown playmates.  And maybe, just maybe, excited about helping mommy and daddy take care of, rock, sing to, read to, and love on them when they arrive. 

He is looking forward to a swim class in July, loves playing “golf” in the driveway, and LOVES our camper. 

He counts as high as 20, but oddly enough, recently started confusing red and orange, despite having known those colors for nearly a year. 

He enjoys puzzles, and can do the 8 piece ones on his own.    

He seems to learn songs easily, and actually sing them with the real tune. 

He is happiest when the 3 of us are home, playing together, being silly.  With daddy being tackled on occasion.  😉