How far along? 22 weeks today!

How big are the babies?  11 inches, and almost a pound each! 

Weight gain? 19 pounds!  Yowser!  Quite a jump in the last four weeks!  That’s comparable to my 28-29 week weight gain with K.  🙂

Stretch Marks? Not yet.  Magically.

Maternity clothes? I’m wearing lots of dresses and skirts, they seem more forgiving.  A neighbor/friend supplied some summer shirts that I can wear to work.  And we bought some summer shorts at the Motherhood Outlet while on vacation.  So I’m feeling “set”…until I balloon up more.

Sleep? Meh…Not great.

Cravings? Not really.

Nursery update? ALMOST!  Instead, we DO have K’s big boy room updated.  Look for a separate post on that.  And I’ve settled on themes for the nursery.  We just need to know which gender combination we’ll have.  We’ll learn the genders ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!

Movement? Yup!  These babies are busy!

High point?  Vacation, getting K’s big boy room knocked out. 

Low point? Back pain!  I don’t remember hurting this bad with K, even at the end.  A dull ache is common, and shooting sciatic nerve pains are fairly common too.  There are times I can’t even bear full weight on my right leg.  Other times I have no pain at all.  I hope this isn’t a sign of back labor ahead!!!!

Here’s a 22 week belly peek.  Note that my background changed a bit! This was going to be the nursery for the baby.  (Before baby became BABIES.)  So now it’s K’s big boy room, and we’ll soon migrate these photos in to the under construction nursery. 

 DSC_0426 DSC_0427