We’ve tossed several names around, bouncing back and forth between matching and non matching.  Given the recent developments, the meaning of the name also took on a heavier weight.


With that in mind…

Baby A will now be known as Landon (Long Hill)

Baby B will now be known as Nolan (Champion)


To keep from sprinkling their names on every blog post, I may often refer to them as “L” and “N” on here, but I wanted you to know them as more than letters.    To understand the thought that went in to these two decisions.

Although they are different, these names share nearly every letter.  Similarly, these boys will always be connected.  No matter their outcomes, and how they may vary, they will always be a part of each other.

I squirmed at Landon’s meaning at first.  That’s been a favorite name of ours for years, but I questioned whether or not we should stick with that.  But I consider nothing more fitting.  They do in fact have a long uphill journey ahead.  To pretend otherwise would be unfair.

But not to be overlooked, is the meaning of Nolan.  Champion.

We hope and pray that while they will both be fighting against the odds, and traveling their own long uphill battles…they each still have the opportunity to be champions.  And in our hearts and minds, they already are.