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There are a number of reasons.

1) Writing helps me cope.  So maybe that’s a selfish one, but it’s a reason nonetheless.

2) I feel led to.  I can’t explain that one further, it’s just true.

3) I picture another family somewhere out there getting similar news and having the same trouble we did finding information, finding someone who understood.  Finding a story of hope.  And I hope that if they land here, they will know they are not alone.

4) It’s easier to appreciate the height of a mountain when you have experienced the depth of a valley.  We are experiencing the valley, and will treasure any climb upward we can get.  I want those who care about L and N to understand their valley as well, so that we can fully rejoice on the hills and mountain tops together.

I realize many of you are interested in less detail.  Maybe you would prefer we left some of the sadder more ominous parts out and focused on the good news.  It’s easier to read about a nursery update, or see a belly pic than to hear technical terms, survival rates, or medical updates.

But then I wouldn’t be telling the whole story.  And the way I see it…God is the author of this story, I’m just the one telling it.

The scariest part about telling you a story I’m not writing is…I don’t know how this ends.  Even worse…I’m not sure what this story is about.  I hope it is about a miracle.  I hope it is about the strength of two young boys who science had counted out.  Maybe it is about a mom and dad who were warned of the worst but hoped for the best.  Maybe it is about the strength of prayer, or the importance of love and support in the face adversity.  And in that way, each of you are part of this story as well.

So while the ending is unknown, and the plot line isn’t clear to me.  This chapter is about hope and faith.   And we thank you for reading it along with us.