It feels a little bit like time has slowed to a crawl. Maybe I’m just anxious to get the next 8 weeks behind us so we can meet these boys, but in general…last week lasted at least 3 months.

Time SHOULD be passing quickly. We’re certainly busy.  Last week alone we had the following tasks with regard to the twins:

Monday: Met with the day care to discuss their experience in caring for special needs children.

Tuesday: Appointment at the Northern Office to discuss MRI results, blood work, and overall discussion of recommended plans going forward. That was our last appointment at that office.

Wednesday: Phone calls with Columbus to set up the upcoming tours and meetings with various departments (neonatal, pediatric neuro, etc). Phone calls with the local office to schedule alternating appointments and NSTs to fill in between Columbus visits.

Thursday: Attempt to get back in touch with the Doctor who read the MRI for some follow-up questions we have. (It seems that’s not normal…the receptionist was confused to be hearing from a mom rather than a Doctor…) (Side note, she will continue to hear from me until he calls back. :-D)

Thursday: Our first NST at the local office, and coordinating a final records transfer from the Northern office to Columbus.

Friday: Additional phone calls for Columbus, and follow-up attempts with the Dr who read the MRI.

In between all of this, we’re also researching things like cord blood banking, brain terminology, HBOT and other types of therapy for when the boys arrive, even homeopathic ideas I can potentially implement now and for the remainder of the pregnancy, and what feels like a never-ending internet search to find families like ours who initially expected the worst, but continued on anyway.  I’ve yet to find another set of identical twins.

This is in addition to working full-time, raising a two-year old, and trying to live a “normal” life.

Some good news:

• 95% of the time when I smile or laugh it is genuine. And I do both of those things often.
• J and I are closer than we’ve ever been.
• K continues to both charm and challenge us in ways only a two-year-old can.
• Encouragement continues to pour in in the form of phone calls, messages, letters, visits, bible verses, a book, and even a special necklace.
• While we’re feeling overwhelmed sometimes, and impatient most of the time…we’re also feeling ready. Ready for October, ready for a chance to hold these boys, and ready to start our life as a family of 5.