Many of you have commented or emailed about prayer.  About its power, about how actively you are praying, but also that you aren’t sure what to pray for at times.

I understand that. 

I’ve worked hard throughout this journey to have an honest dialogue with God.  There is a long list of things we pray for, including things like:

  • Peace as we go through this.  Peace for us, for the boys, for our families.
  • The right medical team to guide us, especially as we make tough decisions.
  • The ability to trust God, and find comfort and understanding in His will, even if it is not our own.
  • That something good will come of this…that the pain and heartache will not be in vain. 
  • Healing.  Complete and total healing.  A chance to look back at this and proclaim loudly from every avenue that I can that there is clearly only one explanation because medically it was impossible… God healed our boys…

That last one is the one I get stuck on.  It’s what my heart really wants.   And He knows it. 

We continue to be overwhelmed by the amount of people letting us know about their diligent prayers for our little family.  Every facebook message, email, text, phone call, or other note means so very much.  We are so thankful for that, and I think YOU are helping me find peace and comfort in this…even though for now, I’m often stuck on prayers for healing. 

I thought it might be nice to take note of all the prayers that are going up for Landon and Nolan.   Here’s a look at the states that I know of.  If you are praying from a state I haven’t highlighted, let me know!  In the meantime, please keep praying, feel free to share our story and feel free to let your church, family, friends, etc know.   In case you missed it in a comment on another post, there’s a sweet little four-year old boy in WV who has no clue who we are, but who is praying “for the baby twins who are sick in someone’s belly”.   I was told yesterday there was a church here in town (not even ours) where the pastor mentioned our family, only to realize the rest of the church had heard about us and was already praying as well.   Thinking of these things makes me smile. 

Prayer States

God is hearing about Landon and Nolan from far and wide.  So you are part of our large and growing prayer team, no matter where you are.   Please keep going!   There’s one more thing that I’ve been praying for. 

  • That God would bless all those who have taken part in this story.  That those who are caring, praying, and hoping for the best could realize how much they have already blessed us, and that God would help us return the favor.