I know I just posted about prayer, but I wanted to share two big things that have happened during the last week.

I’ve added several states based on your feedback on here and facebook.  We know of people in 25 states praying for our boys.  This map gives me chills.

Prayer States 25

In what might be one of the kindest and most empowering gestures I’ve ever seen, my coworkers put together a prayer calendar.  Listed on that calendar, starting on August 22nd and for each day afterward, are the names of people who have offered to pray for us on each particular day.  In presenting it to me, a group gathered around on a work day morning, and talked of a recent excerpt heard on KLove.  How if Joshua had stopped after 6 times, the walls of Jericho would not have fallen.   If Naaman had bathed in the river only 6 times, he would not have been healed.  In both instances, persistence, patience, and faith were required.  Then right there, in the midst of our computers, spreadsheets, and filing cabinets, my supervisor led the prayer for August 22nd.

I had no sufficient way of thanking them, or relaying how much all of this meant to me.  But I will say on here what I shared with them:

We have a lot of unanswered questions rolling through our heads, but J and I have talked a lot and know without a doubt why God chose this timing.  This town, these coworkers, these friends, this church, this support group (both near and far)…YOU were the ones we would need.