“See you Tuesday”

Those were the parting words today.  TUESDAY.  6 days.

That might sound sort of far away considering we cried wolf a couple of weeks ago.  But it’s VERY soon.  We are so thankful to have made it this far.  There were multiple points at which we never thought we would see a 33 or 34 week milestone.

On July 23rd we heard termination options, low survival rates, and left feeling like we would be lucky if these boys ever made it to our arms.

Later, after a roller coaster couple of weeks, we hit a new low point and had concern about Nolan’s fight for life.  At that point we were hoping for 31 or 32 weeks.

And quite frankly, complications aside, if you had told me in January that we would get pregnant right away…with natural twins no less…I would have thought you were crazy!

But here we are.  33 weeks along with identical twin boys.  Ready to meet them in less than a week.

Today’s appointment went well.  They had both grown again.  Estimated weights were around 4 lb 10 oz and 4 lb.  There’s obviously some margin of error there, but I’m thrilled at those weights, and for some reason, 4 lb sounds so much less fragile than 3 lb 15 oz.

I’ve had some activity in the last few days that had me concerned about early labor signs.  They checked and I’ve dilated 1 cm and am around 50% effaced.  Not enough to keep me there.  So once again we got to return home and spend a few more days as a family of 3.  And I’ll continue to rest.

I started a second round of steroid injections today.  So between the two I’m hoping we’ll give both boys a leg up (lung up?) on breathing ability.

We had some more conversations about what could happen, how things might go, reasonable expectations, etc.  But we don’t really LEARN anything about OUR boys in those conversations.  Our Doctor does not have a crystal ball any more than we do.   So as much as we try to imagine and predict…we must wait.

…And see them Tuesday.  TUESDAY.  6 days.