Day 2 has been a busy one indeed.  Here are some updates!

This morning, the Pediatrician and Occupational Therapist approved letting the boys try to eat a little.   They were showing signs of interest, and each sucked on a paci for practice.  At the first feeding, N drank 5 ml from the bottle.  For the nurse, L drank 2 ml from the bottle, then was fed 4 more through a tube.  L was deemed a pokey eater and was about to get a tube to help him eat.  Daddy stepped in on the feedings, and helped encourage L.  By the afternoon feedings, both boys were eating everything from the bottle, roughly 6 – 7 ml at a time.   (We are THRILLED with this!)  Not only were feeding concerns expected because of assumed suck swallow delays…even a “normal” 34 week baby often has trouble with feeding at first.  For them to be eating from a bottle on day 2 is a HUGE win!

Not only are they using a bottle, they are good at it!  They eat quickly and burp well.  I even attempted nursing with N this evening, and the NICU nurse was very pleased with his efforts.   At this rate, they’ll plan to increase the amounts, and help these boys start gaining weight.

Daddy has gotten to change several diapers.


Mommy has enjoyed watching that part.

The boys have each had some tummy time.  They hate it.  I’m happy that they hate anything.  Seeing them get aggravated at things is also a good sign.  Both boys are showing improved tone and responsiveness today.  We even got to hear each of them cry out at various times.

Both boys had baths.  L stayed a little cool after his, but each boy is still in an isolette to help them maintain body temps for now anyway.

We met with a Pediatric Geneticist and had a good but familiar conversation.  It is too soon for him to tell us a lot of useful information, but he agreed our boys are beautiful.

We have had FANTASTIC luck with nurses.

As of 7:00 pm, N isn’t getting any extra help with oxygen.   Both boys are 100% breathing room air.

We’re still anxiously awaiting blood work and an MRI so we can move forward with understanding these two brains and their genetic makeup better, but overall, these first two days have gone far better than we could have anticipated.  And we are so thankful for every little moment and milestone.  We are truly blessed.

Speaking of special moments…for the first time since they were born, the boys were reunited this afternoon and are now right next to each other in the NICU.

Here are our two precious miracles, reunited again!