The fact that I’m telling you about day 4 on the morning of day 5 may indicate how exhausting it was.

It started with a phone call around 8:00 am.  The children’s hospital had two spots!  It was a great time to move the boys!  The morning was a whirlwind, but we were able to hold them that morning, then watch the transport team load them up.  J followed not too far behind, and had Mipa and Mima to keep him company and help navigate the day.

Papaw and Nana stuck with me, and we had the hurry up and wait discharge process, which drug on until around 12:30.   But I was officially a free woman!  By the time we moved across town, and waited at a pharmacy, I was 2 hours behind on pain medication.  Not a great start.  But we made it.

The boys seemed to get worn out yesterday.  It was as if they remembered they were 34 week old babies.  They weren’t eating as well.  By the end of the day, L had tubes to aid in feedings, and N was headed toward one.  N has an IV again with a small amount of the sugar water.  Both boys just needed a little help it seemed.  Their bilirubin numbers are climbing, despite good feeds and good diapers.  We were told that can also make them lethargic.  Which makes them eat less.  Which can become a growing cyclical problem.   So the tubes and IV will help the boys get ahead of that.

They also each had a couple of mild cardiac events.  That could include things like breathing too shallow, or letting their heart rate drop too low.  They both come out of it easily enough, and once again we’re told that is very normal for their age.  But some of those little things just seemed compounded yesterday and we got a little down.

Around 5 oclock, after I was behind on meds for the 2nd time, and J and I were both more than ready for some real food after skimping at lunch, I broke a little.  The lactation consultant talked about how she had seen some horrible situations, but also some amazing comebacks. A second nurse came over soon after, hugged me, and gave me a mommy pep talk.  And for the first time in 3 days I had a real cry.

But…all that said…the boys are in VERY good hands.  We have a nicer space in which to hold and visit them.  They are side by side again.  J and I are settling in to the Ronald McDonald House, and are so thankful for a temporary place to call home.  We enjoyed a good dinner together last night finally.  Then returned to visit the boys, where their night nurse was putting some cute clothes on them.  All in all, it seems despite the long day, all 4 of us were ending it more comfortable and relaxed than we’ve been in days.   We even got some real sleep last night.

And at the start of day 5, I feel more energized and ready than I have.  As I type, they are announcing that breakfast is ready, so we’re going to start our day with pancakes and bacon, then take some clothes and books over with us as we start a primarily test free, relaxing weekend holding these little miracles.

The sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning

Enjoy your weekend!  By the end of it I should have lots more pictures of the boys and their visitors.