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Back for more updates!  The battle continued to cease the seizures today.

Our seizure updates are typically a few hours behind.  The EEG technician gives info to the neurology team.  The neurology team generally comes up to visit in person once per shift, but otherwise passes info along to the LPN or NNP on the floor.  the LPN or NNP stays in communication with the nurse, in particular with regard to dosing instructions.  And usually, we get our frequent updates from the nurse.

So…with that game of telephone in mind, here are the latest updates as we understand them:

N DID continue having seizures after the Keppra afterall.  They did slow down significantly though.  And the “one seizure” was actually one 3 minute seizure, compared to others that were much shorter.

L continues to have seizures.  They tried a 3rd medicine over night last night, and it had no impact.  They dropped the 3rd medicine, and tried a 4th, Vespid.    So he’s now on phenobarbital, keppra and vespid.  The latter two are via IV, so he had to have a 2nd IV added today as well.

Hopefully we’re headed to a helpful combination.

In the meantime, the boys are relaxed and snoozing.  And getting even more fantastic visitors!