It’s been a little while since I’ve updated this, and we have several new states to include.  So…here’s the updated prayer map!

31 states…

Prayer States 31

Many of you have asked what you can do, and a few of you have asked what you can pray for.  So I’ve tried to sum up some of our most frequent prayers here:

  • Prayers that we can handle this with faith, strength, grace, and with an unending attitude of hope.
  • Prayers for a big brother who is only 2.5, but is about to be asked to embrace more change than most his age could handle.
  • Prayers that the boys learn safe feeding skills.  Since aspiration or choking will become one of our biggest fears at home.
  • Prayers for a healthy winter for us, since germs/colds/pneumonia will also be big fears until they gain a little more strength and size.
  • Prayers that despite the last two bullet points, we are not consumed with fear and worry and are able to find joy in each day.
  • Prayers that the boys are able to (safely) go HOME with us, preferably around the same time.
  • Prayers that God will continue to be an ever present comfort, and work in and through this story to reach others.