It’s been a busy few days.  So I haven’t yet told you that I really like the Neonatalogist that began a 3 week rotation this week.  He explains things well, is easy to talk to, and seems to have a good mix of “by the books” and “let them be babies” in his philosophies.  L was crying and ready to eat (early) during the rounds on Monday morning.  That was his first time seeing L.  During his brief exam, he said sometimes the babies just know what they want.  And we should listen.

He then mentioned that as well as he was eating, we should try him without a tube soon.  WITHOUT A TUBE.

I’ve been so fixated on getting them to drink enough by bottle to get approved to go home, that I kind of forgot going without a tube would be the preferred outcome.

After another stellar day yesterday, he made the decision during this (Tuesday) morning’s rounds.  L would “sink or swim”.  That’s when they remove the tube entirely, and give him 24 hours to drink entirely by mouth.  If he refuses a bottle, or won’t finish a bottle…there’s no tubing the leftovers.  If he wants a little more…that’s ok too.  In other words, L sort of gets to be in charge, but bottle is his only option.  If he does ok, he gets a couple more days to continue.  If he sustains or gains weight as he should…the tube doesn’t have to go back in!!!

So far…he finished his 12 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm and 9 pm bottles with no issue.  His “prescribed” volume had been 65 ml.  He’s actually taken 70 ml for two of those bottles.

Our little buddy is swimming.  

We’ll see if he continues this overnight.  I have high hopes.  I also have a front row seat.  I’ll be pulling an all nighter at the NICU tonight.  (Known as “being a mom” to those of you in the normal world.)