I mentioned in my last post L had his tube removed and was going on a 1-3 day “sink or swim” feeding challenge.  I stayed there last night to help with the boys’ overnight cares, and he did fantastic.  He finished EVERY BOTTLE.

Unfortunately…at his 9 am and noon bottles today, he only drank about half.  But he went back to full bottles afterward and per the update I just received drank extra at the 9 pm care to help make up for the missing volume.  Hopefully he can maintain an overall daily volume that will allow him to gain a healthy amount of weight.

In other news, N overheard the plan and jumped in the pool as well.  🙂   He drank all but 25 mls by bottle yesterday and every drop over night.  They were so pleased they removed his tube this morning as well.  He is now on the same challenge and has been drinking great today too.  🙂

Here are some pics of our little pumpkins:

DSC_0001 DSC_0013 DSC_0033 DSC_0762 DSC_0831

Here’s a photo for a particular group of coworkers who keep sticking their neck out.  😉

Lil Buckeye Babies

Lil Buckeye Babies

And here’s a shot of the brothers, celebrating their due date!!  Big plans indeed.