We’re still moving forward!

I am home for a bit, and Nana has taken over bedside duty.  Both boys ate well for her yesterday, and had good days.  (Visitors, baths, and cuddles!)  I don’t have a single photo…so that tells you how busy things have been!

These last few days have been busier than the first few days were.  Paperwork, training, final tests, appointment scheduling.  I’m so glad there are case managers to help keep everything moving in the right direction!

The hospital has mentioned Monday as a potential departure date, but there is so much on the agenda that I think that would be impossible.   BUT…Tuesday is a reasonable goal.

We have to meet with the Apnea monitor folks here at the house today for training, and to get the equipment we need to travel home with N.  The concentrator and oxygen should be at the house tomorrow for training and installation.  Then I’ll hit the road back to the hospital, and hopefully return home with the boys very soon!