And you’re probably right.

I owe a thousand “thank you”s that I may never get out.  (Sorry mom, you taught me better…).


Literally, I’m behind on thank you notes for actual gifts.  But I’m also in debt for eternity for what feels like a million kind words, warm hugs, and ongoing prayers.  Many from people I may never meet.

J and I have talked about how amazingly supportive everyone has been.  Family, friends, and Big (hearted) Oil.  When J and I have time to sit and talk, we often get emotional.  But usually not about the boys.  About you.  About how much you care.  About how freely you support.  About how strongly you love.

This experience is of course life changing.  Holding these boys is life changing.  But YOU have also changed ME.  No matter what journey our boys go on, I will undoubtedly learn a lot about life, love, and God along the way.  But even now, you have taught me about the power of prayer.  The importance of reaching out to others.  The selflessness that exists in the world.  You have taught me that the world is full of good.  I suppose I’ve always thought that was true, but I’ve never felt it more fully than when I hear from you.  So while there is an unused stack of thank you notes collecting dust on my desk, please know that I am forever grateful.   And I can’t possibly put in to words how much you mean to us.