Well…we’re still here.

L had a heart rate drop Sunday night.  Sometimes that puts a baby on a 5-7 day spell watch.  I asked mom to relay to them that we were interested in an at home monitor for L too.  They agreed, so while I was home I ended up picking up/being trained on two Apnea monitors and an oxygen system for N.

Perhaps because of the monitors, perhaps because of the mix of fear, love, and crazy in my eyes, they agreed they could both go home Wednesday as long as everything went well.

And today mostly went well.  They continue to eat far better than they are supposed to.  Mom and I knocked out the CPR course.  Morning rounds went well.

When we left L was tucked in to his car seat comfortably passing his 2 hour car seat test.  But I got a call later tonight saying he had another heart rate dip toward the end of the test…

The nurse wasn’t sure what this meant for L.  Often, they retest in 24 hours.  But we are already going home on a monitor, so it is hard to be more conservative than that, unless they keep him for a while.  We will just have to get the doctor’s opinion tomorrow morning.  They won’t be too surprised.  This morning they joked that they often refer to going home as “going to the zoo” because if the babies overhear the plan they act up.  🙂

N is taking his test as I type.  He is passing, but according to the nurse is fussy.

This was yet another reminder of their frailty.  But many preemies have these same issues and gain strength never to look back again.  There’s also a chance that L’s issues as of late are reflux related.  Reflux can be treated.

Two weeks ago I wouldn’t have guessed they would be tube free and gaining weight so well.  So the sky is the limit for two weeks from now as well.

In the meantime, we’ll cuddle as much as we can, and root these boys along.  If N ends up being discharged first, we’ll make that work somehow too.  Eventually…we will all be home.

I mean…at the zoo.