BIG update!  N is home!!!!

L is…close…  He’s doing fine.  However, due to the increased Brady and spit up activity they want to test him for reflux.  They’ll begin a 24 hour test tomorrow afternoon, and decide whether or not he needs meds, or if something else is going on.  Hopefully, we can bring him home by Saturday morning.  Our hearts and prayers are still with him.

Back to N…who is HOME.

He rode well on the ride back.  He alarmed twice, but I think both times he was breathing, it just wasn’t picking up.  He had good color both times.

Since arriving at HOME, he has finished three bottles, had some good diapers, and settled in well to a new type of noise and surrounding.  He hung out in his swing, stretched out on the floor, was cuddled by all, received 14 kisses to the head from big brother, and enjoyed a bed time story from big brother as well.

We are missing L, and can’t wait until he joins us.  But aside from that little hiccup…things are perfect.

I would attach photos…but the blog is fighting back.  The nerve…