It’s been nearly a week since I provided an update, so I thought I would catch you up on miscellaneous details so that tomorrow’s post can be focused on their 3 month update.   (WHAT?)

My mom / “Nana” was around to help us again last week.  She went to both appointments with me, but stuck around so I could go in to the office on Thursday.  I’m working on a few loose ends and annual items, and will also be in for training a couple of days this week.  It was great to be back.  I miss that crew.  I was welcomed with a bacon themed celebration. (It’s good to have people who “get” you.)  Leaving the boys during the day will be tough, but it’s good to know they will be in good hands, and I will be in good company.

But two other things struck me about being in the office as well…

My drawer was empty of pens, but full of tissues.  That’s a reminder of how emotional those last few weeks were.  Looking back, I easily spent 90% of my time crying and praying, and explaining what little I understood to people, and 10% working.   (Whoops, thanks for your patience.)  When I remember how broken I felt then, it feels good to have come so far.  We still have bad days, emotional moments, and when we allow it, a bit of fear of what’s to come.  But it feels good to have more things to smile about than to cry about.

The other striking moment, was seeing these two photos (on the left) for the first time in a while…

First Pics

So tiny.  So frail.  N didn’t even fill out a preemie diaper.  And neither of them had any strength.  But they had fight.  Man they’ve come a long way…


Declaring this photo shoot over!

Declaring this photo shoot over!

J and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on Sunday.  “For better or for worse” and “in sickness and in health” take on a whole new meaning when you actually get a dose of “worse” and “sickness”.  But we’re here, wading through it together.  Feeling like if we can stay strong through this, we can conquer the world.

6th anniversary!

6th anniversary!


On the agenda for this week:

  • Bloodwork / seizure med level testing tomorrow
  • Weight check tomorrow
  • 3 month checkup and vaccines on Friday

So a slower week than normal.  That will allow me a day and a half to get back in the office.  AND more time for Christmas celebrating with my parents this week.


Administrative items:

I ran out of space to upload photos for free on here.  Obviously I can’t just stop uploading photos…and I prefer not to delete them as this is our family scrapbook / K’s babybook as well.  So I upgraded to a paid account.  As such, I could make a personalized domain name too.

You can keep your favorites or get here the same ways you always have, but is now also a direct link.  As a side note, we also have a “Two If By Faith” facebook page where you might see more photos or brief notes about the boys.


Adorable items:

Both boys have been giving us lots of sleepy smiles lately.  And they seem sooo close to a responsive smile.  Today I was using my most ridiculous voice with L, and we found a winner!  He finds me amusing!

Mama is amusing...

Mama is amusing…




And that…is worth smiling about.  🙂