Christmas celebrations are still in full swing around here.  But I wanted to check in to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and to share some pics of our adorable little gifts.

We enjoyed a visit from Justin’s family and hosted a fun foursome as well.  K had a BLAST.  He understood enough to look forward to presents this year, and had some specific (and actually reasonable) requests.

The babies gave me two good nights of sleep in a row as their present.

We enjoyed a candlelight Christmas Eve Service at church, had snacks and card games, enjoyed new toys, and are currently working on a jigsaw puzzle, and waiting to finish up a two day game of Monopoly.  (I’m winning).

It was a special time.  I did have one little emotional mama moment when I was taking photos of the boys.  I can’t help but hope the boys get to have 90 Christmas mornings.  For now, they’ve had one, and it looked something like this:

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