We recently traveled down for N’s FOURTH hearing test.  Part of the battle is keeping him awake before hand so he will be in a deep sleep during the appointment.  So Nana stayed back to watch a sick L and an injured K while Papaw and I headed off with N.  I pestered him, talked to him, patted on him, even rubbed cool water on his face.  He was clearly annoyed, but it sort of worked.

He was able to demonstrate that he CAN hear sounds at an almost NORMAL level in both ears.  We suspect having him off of oxygen for a while has helped clear out some fluid.  I was thrilled with this and was ready to move on, then the Audiologist discussed what we would test in 6 weeks at the next appointment.

Another appointment.

I’ve pushed back a little.  These boys have enough going on, and honestly there are higher priorities.  I would like to get to know them both better as we hone in on what to focus on.  The compromise was that they needed to schedule the appointment on a day when we would be down for another appointment anyway.  So on February 18th the boys have a long neu-neuro checkup and developmental screening.  Afterward, N will hopefully be exhausted enough to successfully complete another hearing test.

In the meantime, we’ll celebrate the good news!

I was somewhat relieved as I read some milestone charts in their hallway.  They mentioned that two month old babies (roughly their adjusted age) should have a goal of making the “ooo” sound.  Now…our boys aren’t doing that.  But I thought they were more behind than that and “should” be making lots of sounds by now.  It probably doesn’t help that our 2 year old was always ahead of the curve on the verbal / speech front.  So I need to remind myself he isn’t a fair comparison.   Nonetheless, I’m working on modeling the “ooo” for the boys whenever possible.  So I’m sure they continue to think I’m weird.

And I continue to think they are fabulous.

Speaking of fabulous, my parents have been such a huge help all week. It is a relief to know the kids are in good hands. The work transition has been easy so far, and I even had time for dinner with the girls this evening!