My first week back at work is almost on the books.   It wasn’t always pretty.

  • Monday afternoon N had a hearing test.
  • Tuesday morning K had a follow-up for a broken collar-bone (did I forget to mention that?)
  • Tuesday afternoon L had a follow-up chest xray, with a confirmation he still has pneumonia.
  • L continued to struggle with keeping fluids down.  We’re having to rely on pedialyte to keep him hydrated while the mucus continues to cause nausea.  In the meantime…lots of laundry…
  • Also this week, synagis vaccines for the twins, a Help Me Grow meeting, their apnea monitors were due for a download, and they turned 4 months old!  AND J was out-of-town for work!  Shew!

Despite all of that, the transition was an easy one…for me.  My parents are taking the night shift so I’m getting the best sleep I’ve had since before I reached that “too big to sleep” phase of the pregnancy.  I’m also getting ready and leaving in the mornings without worrying about feeding, dressing, and loading up 3 kiddos.

I imagine there will be much more chaos and disarray in a few weeks when the adults are back to being outnumbered.

Things I hope to post soon:

  • 4 month photos!
  • An update on their current development, from the eyes of their mama.
  • An assessment from Help Me Grow, along with our development plan (should have that established by mid next week).

In the meantime, please pray for L to knock this cold and pneumonia, and get back to feeling like himself.  Few things make you feel more helpless than watching a baby struggle with an illness.