I wanted to provide an update on L.

Slowly but surely we’re helping him get rid of the pneumonia.

The colds flying around up here this season are long-lasting in the adults as well.  So for poor L, knocking this one out is quite the challenge.

A nurse listened to him on Monday and thought his lungs were crackly all over.  She mentioned having a hard time hearing his heartbeat over the noise in his lungs.   And of course he had a horrible coughing fit in front of her.  She called the DR with what she was seeing and we were asked to rush him there right away.


I had made a conscious decision not to call over the weekend because I felt he was showing signs of progress.

As a reminder, pneumonia is often a cause of death with Lissencephaly.  So…we are NOT taking this lightly.

We’ve seen the nurse 3 times, the Dr once, and the ER twice.  But what if I had overlooked something important and allowed the pneumonia to get worse!

As instructed by the nurse, I rushed L to the doctor immediately.

Luckily, Dr B felt the pneumonia was not worse.  It was definitely different…but mostly because we were finally getting things broken up.  L needs to continue breathing treatments, continue coughing, and we continue to try to pat and suction everything out any chance we get.  But we’re slowly making progress.

We discussed reasons to be encouraged (he’s eating better, opening his eyes more, and breathing comfortably).  The Dr even gave a verbal pat on the back for worrying about the right things, and paying attention to the right cues.

Within an hour I went from worrying I had sentenced him to a serious case of pneumonia…to feeling like we made the right medical call and know him well.  It was a welcome relief.

I carried L back out to the van with a noticeably lighter load on my shoulders.  As I started the van and we pulled out…”Overcomer” played on the radio.

L is an Overcomer indeed.

Thank you for the prayers.