We had a follow-up Endocrinology appointment today.  This was our first time seeing the doctor since fairly early on in the NICU days.  In terms of importance, this was a bit lower on the list for our boys.  I am in no way trying to down play the importance of endocrinology issues…but fortunately for our boys…this is one area that has so far come back very normal.   And since growth is one of the indicators for thyroid/pituitary issues, we were feeling thankful for their great growth rates and feeling optimistic about today’s report.

Optimism was the theme.  We see no indication of endocrine issues based on their growth, behavior, or abilities.  Assuming the blood work from today returns normal tomorrow; it would appear their endocrine system is continuing to function normally.

There were other optimistic items worth noting:

The nurse assumed I was 25.  That felt good, until she reacted somewhat strongly about how old 31 is.  🙂

Despite a mix up on location, we were greeted by a very friendly staff, and with lots of assistance from Papaw, we had a successful trip with happy boys.

As I mentioned earlier, this Dr hadn’t seen the boys since the early days.  He clearly remembered us.  He also remembered how negative and gloomy the first two weeks were.  In fact…as we looked at two very adorable, perfectly lovely, and in lots of ways…normal…boys, he asked me today whatever happened to the prognosis…”as I recall it was a very negative outlook”.   When I said they seemed to be remaining conservatively pessimistic until further notice…I also pointed out that I was remaining cautiously…or not too cautiously optimistic.  He seemed to see what I see.  Lots of potential.  Lots of reasons to have hope.  Lots to love.