Today was the day!  We began our real routine, and the babies started day care.  We managed to get the boys (all 3) out the door on time, and arrive at work in a timely fashion.  It wasn’t always pretty.  I had <5 hours of sleep.  In my sleepy state, I undressed and weighed the boys in preparation for a nurse visit that is actually not until NEXT Monday.  I dropped roughly 18 things.  (But did NOT drop any babies).

Nonetheless, everyone was dressed and ready on time.   Six bottles were labeled and mixed.  The twins got morning bottles and medicines.  And my shoes matched.  And my heart was full.

The babies did great for their first day.  They ate well, rested peacefully, and cuddled like champs.   Overall, I could not have hoped for the day to go better.  I continue to be amazed by these little fellas.

One.  Blessed.  Mommy.

Here’s hoping we’re blessed with millions more “first” moments.

Let's do this!

Let’s do this!

K welcome L home!

K welcome L home!