More details about three year old K, his favorites, stats, and some photos will post after we have his checkup this Friday.  But for now, I wanted to share his birthday party with you.

We had the party at the bowling alley with some cousins and friends.  Mipa and Mima were able to drive in as well to check in on the growing boys.

After bowling, we played pin the tail, enjoyed some favors, ate pizza and cookie cake, and opened gifts!

As K “read” his birthday cards to himself, I overheard “we love you K” several times. ”  There was also a LOT of hugging.  K had so much fun, and was sad this morning when he found out we weren’t going bowling again.  🙂  Here’s the chaos party!

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note…let’s all say a prayer for day care, preschool, and elementary teachers. 

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