K is 3 years old!  What a special little guy he is, and such a blessing to our family.  The past year has been a memorable one.  There were some emotional ups and downs, and some stress on K  as our family grew and adjusted, and even coped with nearly two months apart.  But when all was said and done…he emerged as a more mature, more gentle, incredible big brother.  The same kid who jumps off of couches, tackles anyone who sits on the floor, and sleds down hills reserves only the most gentle kisses and sweetest words for his little brothers.

Some big developments this year:

  • Learned to ride a bike with training wheels
  • Moved in to a new bedroom, and a big boy bed
  • Fell out of aforementioned bed and broke his first bone (collar bone)
  • Became a big brother
  • First Concussion (what are we doing wrong here?)
  • Potty trained!

K can spell his name, count to thirty something depending on the day, and count by 10’s to 100.   He also recognizes all the letters now.

Here are some of his favorites:

  • Letter: K
  • Number: 3
  • Color: Green and Yellow
  • Food: FRUIT, and anything sweet.
  • Drink: Strawberry Milk
  • Show: Paw Patrol
  • Movie: Toy Story
  • Toy: Train puzzle, building blocks/Legos, tool set
  • Friends: Claire
  • Song: Big Hairy Spider (?)
  • Activities: ride bikes, play in the snow, chase, telling stories before bed, and bath time!

Some stats from his checkup:

  • 35 lb 9 oz (75%)
  • 38 1/4 in  (75%)

And of course…some photos!

Unfortunately, the mom who used to do this:


…is lucky if she remembers to dry her hair and eat dinner.  So…instead of a 3 year photo shoot, I’ll include a slide show of the past year.

K – I am so incredibly proud to be your mommy.  You literally make me better.  Happier.  More complete.  Your words, your prayers, your songs, your laughs, your hugs and kisses make our family what it is. You will do big things.  Big things indeed.