Somewhere between the negative specialist appointment and development assessment, and the 3 am seizure episode resulting in two ERs and a 24 hour watch, and the milk intolerance and weight loss for Nolan, and the wean induced seizure for Landon, and the prescription adjustments that followed . . . I got a little worn down.

And just when I was starting to feel like perhaps this was a bit too much…

Nolan started drinking milk again.  And has gained a 1/2 pound back in the last week.

And Landon started bringing his hands to his mouth on his own at times.

And Nolan made a sound.  Not a coo mind you…but not a cry either.

And Landon is awake more often…little by little…spending more time with us.

Suddenly I had forgotten about the stress, and the bad news.  The memory of the ER visits was squished away by some ill-timed-awkward-toothless smiles from my favorite little bald guys.

And somewhere along the way I realized that no matter how big the trials are, they are easily defeated by even the smallest of victories.  You see, I celebrate it all.  I take nothing for granted.  And even the simplest of milestones or moments can feel so special.  Joy can be found in all sorts of circumstances.

Speaking of joy…