Not so long ago…I was uploading photos of the boys’ first day at day care.

Two boys.  Perfect in their own way.  Doing so well that I am able to continue to work.  And there we were, documenting a first day at day care.  I feel so grateful to be able to celebrate ANY “first”.  Remember…we weren’t sure how many we would get to celebrate.

On that same night, I discovered several unread messages in my facebook inbox marked “other”.  It seems because they were from individuals not on my friends list, they went in to a different folder.  Nonetheless…I had overlooked them for months.  The first one dated back to July when we first heard the Dandy Walker diagnosis.  They continued throughout the pregnancy, peaked on the day the boys arrived, and continued again as we’ve watched the boys on their journey.  Each was a reminder of the ups and downs we’ve been through.  And of the spiritual journey that has helped to define me.

It was a reminder to me to always remember.

I tried to send very belated “thank you” notes to most of them.  One in particular was from a fellow mama to be, waiting on the arrival of her sweet baby with Dandy Walker.  By the time I responded to that message, that sweet baby had become an angel.   The strength and faith of that mom was and still is amazing.

A strong, strong reminder to me to remember.

It is easy for me to be thankful when things are good.  And to seek God when things are not so good.  But I want to remember to be thankful when times are tough.  When storms rage on.  When prayers aren’t answered.  And to seek God, even when life is easy.  Even when we’re taking two babies to day care, going to birthday parties, and planning summer vacations.  Even when where we were seems so far away, and what we still fear feels impossible.