Our little buddies have been fighting cold #3 the last two weeks. To recap on how the first two went:


In late December, Landon started with the cold first, was very ill and ended up with pneumonia. He was vomiting most of his milk up during that time, and for the only time in their entire lives, the boys weights were within one pound of each other because Landon was losing weight while Nolan gained.

Nolan later got that cold, and while he avoided pneumonia, he too vomited all of his milk during the mucus battle. (Thank goodness for pedialyte – or both boys would have ended up dehydrated).


Cold #2, known to the rest of us as “March” lasted a full month. Both boys struggled with milk staying down, although Nolan had a harder time. But neither got pneumonia. It led to a sinus infection, antibiotic, and eventually relief.


During Cold #3 they have both fared surprisingly well. Landon has had zero milk issues, despite clearly having extra mucus. Nolan has struggled a little, but has been able to keep some milk down the entire time, just in smaller volumes. It still led to a sinus infection this time, but I am very pleased with how they handled this one overall.


Unless we decide to put them in a bubble…encountering germs and illness will be a fact of life.  Maybe because they move less, are upright less, or maybe have slightly weaker immune systems, little things seem to hit them harder.  And perhaps because their suck swallow muscles and drinking skills are hanging on by a thread…mucus wreaks havoc on their little systems.

So it can be discouraging at times.  But they are getting stronger. And that allows this mama to rejoice, even through the sickness.


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