If you have a quick minute, Landon has something to show you.








Yay Landon!  We are seeing more and more grasping out of both boys. If we put an object in their hand they hang on to it longer.   In this scenario, when they are below hanging toys, I shake the toys to make noise, and brush them against their hands so they know there is something to reach for.  Their arms are more active than when you do not indicate there is something above them.  (Side note in case you’re newer here…while we know the boys notice light, we do not believe they see much otherwise, so in addition to everything else, they are battling vision challenges).


If it seems accidental, note that he adjusts his grip.  Later he also re-grabbed it, re-adjusted, and then ate it!  This boy wanted to grab that ring.  And he did it.


DSC_0464 DSC_0465