I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while, but was afraid to post it because at a glance it is a bit morbid. But stick with me.

It’s a life list for the babies. Or perhaps better known to you…a bucket list.

Something about 7 month old babies having a life list might not sit well with some.

But I made them a promise.

And to me…making the most of life isn’t depressing at all. It’s a fun challenge. No matter your age or circumstance.

I’d like to keep up with some of the fun things the babies are doing that can be marked off of their “life list”.   They are slowly becoming more alert and less fragile.  …And there are just some things all little boys should do.

For starters, let’s get caught up on some things they’ve checked off so far:

  • Capture your mama’s heart
  • Be told you look like your daddy
  • Snuggle with your big brother
  • Go for a family walk
  • Take a road trip
  • Go on a wagon ride




Ok…so I didn’t say they would ENJOY every activity.  (Maybe we’ll pick a less windy day for our next walk).  Just that as the temperature is rising, so is our readiness to start having some fun moments and new experiences.   We already have plans for their first swim and first time to the beach.  And I have a few other items planned for the coming months.

If you have ideas, or something you would like to help them do (locally or when we visit your area) let me know! This will be a growing list. Hopefully it will take us many years, and include more checks, more smiles, and more memories than anyone could have ever imagined.