I spend much of my day trying to be the mom many of you already think I am. In some ways that is exhausting. In other ways…it is energizing.

When I feel down, when I feel tired, when I feel discouraged…I sometimes give God an earful, but I also think of the many of you who are watching, waiting, eagerly seeking updates on the boys, praying fervently, and wishing you could lend a hand. I know if you were here, you would do more. So when I am done and depleted, I try to suck it up and dig a little deeper for you.   You are my inner voice. You are my second wind.  You are the wind beneath…well, you get the point.

So in my own awkwardly worded way…thanks for helping me be a better mom.

Thanks for “mom”ing right along with me. Thanks for helping me keep going. Thanks for keeping our names in God’s ear. I’ve needed you more than I expected, and you’ve delivered more than you know.

Happy mother’s day!