I typed this a couple of weeks ago and it is already old news…but I’ll start with this and update you on other aspects later.


We have some (non-baby related) news.

I’m just going to blurt it out because there’s a lot I want to say afterward.

We’re moving.

Not just houses.  But also towns.  States.

To most of you that’s not a big deal, because you only read about us on here anyway.  But it was a huge decision that we did not take lightly.  So I’ll be my wordy self about it:

1)      It is career related, and it will be a fantastic move.  J is getting an unbelievable opportunity and I couldn’t be more proud of him.  I am also thrilled to get some more industry related experience so that I can get to know our business better.  We are returning to some familiar faces, and familiar territory.  So in all of those ways, we are thrilled, and looking forward to the changes and challenges ahead.  It was the right career move.

2)      On a housing note…we had been trying to decide what to do about our home.  We love it.  We have invested in some changes like a patio, basement upgrades, built ins.  It COULD be a forever home for us if we needed it to be.  But it is not the right home for the twins.  They are obviously not developing on track, and even with the most positive of attitudes and hopeful prayers, I cannot conceive of them walking soon.  We need a ranch.  I know families live in two story homes all the time.   But this is about more than the fact we’re carrying still small babies up and down stairs constantly.  They depend on us for everything, including every drop of milk, every position change, being there to keep an eye on them in case they get their face turned in to their surroundings, or spit up unexpectedly and need help clearing their mouth.  I want us more centralized in general.  So we’ve been looking at ranches in case the right one pops up.  But financially the numbers weren’t working.  Moving is expensive.  And closing costs, realtor costs, all of that cut in to what little we felt we could add in to our current home equity to try to improve the situation for the boys.  We weren’t in a hurry, so we had time to wait on the right home, and for our financial options to improve.  But along came this opportunity.  An answered prayer, just not in the form we had anticipated.  We can now purchase a home with the boys in mind.  We can work hard to create the right environment in which they can thrive.

3)      On a medical note…we are well established with the Children’s hospital 2+ hours away.  It is highly respected, and since we knew of the boys’ condition before their arrival, we chose our delivery location just so we could ensure they were treated at Children’s.  We trusted them then.  We trust them now.  And we will miss them.  Before accepting any change, we scoped out the medical facility options nearby.  I was pleased with how many great options were within 2 and a half hours, and was particularly surprised to see that the #2 in pediatric neurology would be an option.  So while we will be sad to leave our current team, we do not feel we are making a decision that will compromise the boys’ care.  We simply would have said “no” if we felt that was the case.  There will be a learning curve, and an influx of initial appointments to get to know each other.  But in general, we feel this is also an acceptable change for the babies.  And part of me is looking forward to fresh perspectives and current imaging despite the pains of change.

4)      On a personal note…despite all of the above and knowing deep down this is the right thing to do…I’ve cried multiple times.  But not about new work challenges, not about the task of finding the right house, not about the stress of the endless list of changes that need to be managed ranging from specialists, pediatricians, state based early intervention, church, day care, etc. I’ve cried about leaving what has to have been the most amazing support team anyone has ever had.  That includes family, friends, neighbors, a church life group, day care staff and especially coworkers.  I’ve bragged on them before and I’ll do it again.  They have held me up.  They have taken our boys in as their own.  I’ll tell you another time how my coworkers are making May a special month for me.  But for now I’ll just say…I already miss them.

I can count on zero fingers the number of times I’ve said in the last few months “I wish I had more to stress about” (Hint: it was zero times).   But in my own weird way, I’m excited by the challenge of making all of this work.  We’ve scoped out available houses.  We’re on the day care wait list.  We’re beginning the process of getting established with a new medical team.  Our house needs organized badly before we list, after months’ worth of “I’ll get to that later”, the beauty of it is hidden behind piles of forgotten to do lists.  But we’ll get there.

All that said, we are very enthusiastic about some of the possibilities ahead of us.  Lots more to come on this!!  Stay tuned!!