If I had a nickel for every time I’d wished God would give me more clarity during a decision, or assurance afterward…well, I’d have a lot of nickels.  And if He’d provided that clarity, I might have fewer skinny jeans.

I mentioned earlier that we are moving.  While it wasn’t an easy decision, it was a clear one. There could have been a million reasons to say no.  To stay put.  To stay comfortable.  But we never found one.  We knew quickly we were supposed to go.  And when it almost didn’t happen, had a hard time accepting that because we seemed so sure.

I won’t go in to all of the details, but this opportunity came back a knockin’.  And we said yes.  And every step in the process since then has spelled Y-E-S.

We sold our house in 24 hours.  No, really.  SOLD.

In a strange turn of events we said no to 7 houses, then in our last few minutes before calling it quits for the evening, looked at a surprise 8th that wasn’t yet for sale, and immediately knew it was the one.  So we bought a house that wasn’t on the market.  And not just any house, a perfect house for our family and for our boys.  I have a therapy space picked out and my mind is racing.

There are multiple locations across the US that could have been in consideration, but we are returning to a place that is still within a reasonable drive to my parents.  It is also within 2.5 hours of a #2 pediatric neurology children’s hospital.  And after all of those items fell in to place this one nearly knocked me over…I found out our new local pediatrician specializes in seizure disorders.

It’s familiar territory so we have friends there.  And each of us will have a manager who already knows us, our family, our story, and how precious our boys and our moments are.  We’re starting over in some ways, but we are not starting from scratch.  And considering how frail our work life balance currently is, that understanding is invaluable.

I guess my point is, in a time where there is a lot I don’t understand about life, it feels good to have a hand on our backs pushing us along this particular leg of the race.  I think we all know a lot can happen in the next few years.  A lot of good, but possibly also a lot of hard.  So while I don’t fully understand all the why, I’m embracing this change, and welcoming it head on.  And here…we…go…