There’s a lot going on around here.  I’d like to say that’s why I haven’t blogged as much lately, but that’s not true.  I’m actually fairly busy avoiding the long to do list.   We’ve done this more than once before, and are starting to become familiar with the routine.

It’s all in the details.

Here are the highlights:

1) Pack up “the essentials” before the movers arrive, and keep enough stuff for our family of 5, which will be in 3 separate locations during a 6 week stint, and go on a beach vacation during that time.

Well, that probably could have been more bullet points to make this look more difficult.  Or less of a run on sentence.  But nonetheless, that’s a big task.

2) Do all the normal “move” related switches.  Day care, work timing, we need a new bank, who is your dentist, where do you go to church, etc.

3) Do all of “our” new normal move related switches.  8+ doctors, early intervention, pharmacy issues, palliative care, etc.


#3 has been my focus thus far.  The twins are officially “in” with their new neurologist.  That will be our launching point at the new children’s hospital, and we’ll determine then who else to involve and make a plan going forward.  We have an appointment to meet with their new pediatrician.  He’s actually the same Doctor who checked K out in the hospital when he was born.  We of course had no idea then that we would be back to see him years later, or that he had a specialty in neurology and seizure disorders…or that we would ever care about such things.

I should have more done by now.  Somewhere there should be a stack of stuff we’re starting to pull to the side, but instead it’s just a list in excel.  I should be packing, or stressing, or something.  But instead we’ve had water fights and made cookies.  Seems like a waste of time given how many other productive things could be checked off the list.  But now we no longer have to move two sticks of butter, a bag of chocolate chips, or an almost empty bag of brown sugar.  See…details. 🙂  Also…now we have cookies, which makes all of this more bearable.


We’re gearing up for a hectic few weeks.

My parents are driving up today to take the boys to their vision appointment tomorrow.  I made the appointment months ago when I was in a different job and wasn’t thinking about the timing.  Now, it falls on one of the few days in a month where I simply cannot miss.  I tried to reschedule but that would have cost us precious months.  And I am very eager to get them to this appointment.  *Brief pause for you to think to yourself that Papaw and Nana are in fact amazing*

Monday and Tuesday will be long work days.

Friday we pack up, then Saturday we move across town to Justin’s brother’s basement.

Next monday the movers show up to take everything else in a 2 to 3 day effort.  Also next monday, I take Nolan for a cranial assessment to see if he needs a helmet.  Wednesday is the twins’ 9 month checkup. (9 months!)  Then that Friday night we leave for a beach vacation with my family.

We return a week later and start splitting up.  J will head on out to our new town.  K will soon head out to Mima and Mipa.  *Brief pause for you to pray for Mipa and Mima, who will have K plus two cousins for the month of July.  :-D*  Then the babies and I will stay back for a few more “quiet” weeks.

It’s ok if you got lost somewhere in there.  It’s all in the details.  And luckily I have them written down.

In short, I am looking forward to September.  And for now, I’ll eat cookies.


And upload photos…  😉

Wheeeere's Nolan!

Wheeeere’s Nolan!

Group Effort

Group Effort

Monkey romper day!  (It's a real day...)

Monkey romper day! (It’s a real day…)

Sweet Nolan

Sweet Nolan

Despite this sleepy pic, I am SO  proud of the progress this big guy has made in the last two months.

Despite this sleepy pic, I am SO proud of the progress this big guy has made in the last two months.