Many of you have inquired as to how our crew is surviving the busy transition.

I would answer we are more than surviving, and thanks to patient family, perfect timing, and a little caffeine…we are doing great!

J is now in our new town. All 3 kids and I are invading family by squatting in their basement. It is as if we are not even there! …Except for the rowdy 3 year old, 2 AM crying babies, early morning departures, and piles of our stuff that seem to multiply every time I look away. So maybe we aren’t ideal roommates after all.

Nonetheless…considering we are “in between homes” we are all comfortable and having fun.

As a special relief, I have a respite care worker who will come help snuggle babies a few hours a week while I catch up on work, try to organize our chaos, or take a mental break.

K will soon join Mipa and Mima for what is sure to be an entertaining stay. 😉

That just leaves me and the babies.

Due to an unanticipated spike in appointments and monitoring following the new spasms and meds, our routine weekly therapies, and unique move related obligations, I have some sort of interruption to my work day 13 of my remaining 26 days in this office. So there’s a lot of running coming up. But there’s a lot of planning going on too. And despite the busy days ahead, I feel ready.

So…that’s how we are doing! And why being a sort of homeless temporarily single mom of three is working out just fine!

Who could complain with company like this?