a fellow worker; colleague


See also: friend, ally, support system, sounding board, therapist, teammate, prayer partner, dinner deliverer, and family.



I said farewell today to my work group. This change happens frequently enough, and for most without fanfare or reflection. Jobs change, roles change, bosses, coworkers, careers…there is constant change in all facets.


But when I entered this building for the first time 3 years ago, I had no idea the ways in which my life would also change.  Throughout the chaos, heartache, and triumph…there has been one constant; an endlessly supportive environment full of perfectly wonderful people. People who have taught me a new depth of what it means to care for others. To bear the weight of someone else’s heartache as your own.


The day after we first received the boys’ diagnosis…I could barely hold myself together.   I needed to cry, mourn, and ache. But of all places, I chose to do it here at work. Because I knew here, there would also be love, support, and understanding. I had underestimated how much I would need them. But I had also underestimated how much they could exceed expectations.


Through the months that have followed, there have been prayer calendars, celebrations, gifts, group prayer, and a card each and every single day for the entire month of May. There have been hugs, smiles, tears, emails, texts, and calls. They are often the first to know when a day has gone well, and the first to perceive that an appointment or phone call contained bad news. They have seen me at my strongest. They have seen me at my weakest. And they have joined in the ups and downs every step of the way.


So though the buildings and the people in them are now in my rear view mirror, I will continue to carry with me so much more.


Farewell for now, and thank you for everything!


“O H”…