I would like to give you a phrase, and let you create an image to go with it. The phrase is “hit the ground running”…..


Your image is probably someone landing on the ground, feet ready to take action, quickly hitting a sprint.


Now let’s work the other way. I’ll give you the image, and we can determine the phrase together.


Someone landing on a treadmill that is already moving at top speed. Their feet are NOT ready for action, quickly hitting their face on the ground.


What’s that phrase? Perhaps… “Melody the last few days”.   Or more specifically “Friday August 15th”.



I have landed on ground that is certainly moving faster than I am! So far I’ve avoided a complete face plant, but all signs point to me needing to pick up the pace. Since our last update, a lot has changed.


  • We need a more local pediatric option, so we are transitioning away from the planned option (double boarded DR who we met 3 years ago with our first son) to a local family physician who can better assist us with immediate and local needs, local referrals, as well as the typical well baby and sick visits.
  • Rather than driving one hour each way to three therapies each week (quick math tells you I would have wasted 6 hours per week in the car)…we are learning about more local therapy options as well. An evaluation has been scheduled for OT, PT, and Speech. We are hopeful this facility will be equipped to handle our boys, and that we can all grow together as we watch them develop. The lead seems enthusiastic and ready for the challenges we present!
  • We have a home visit scheduled to kick off the early intervention program.
  • I have completed no less than 60 pages of applications regarding establishing new patients, or laying the ground work to apply for the local disability status and early intervention programs.
  • The Children’s hospital and I have been in close contact, and after further review of their file they DO want to do the steroid for the boys. And soon. Lots more to come on this.
    1. THAT has resulted in numerous phone calls with the pharmacy, the schedulers, the admittance group, and the neurologists.
  • The twins started day care, and are doing great. We are very happy with the facility, and especially thankful that their lead teacher has a nursing background.   The whole crew quickly learned that the twins love a good snuggle.  🙂
  • K is BACK! And raring to go! He loves his new house, his room, his swing set, his school, his brothers…he just loves life!
  • We are settled in the new house, barring a few half way finished spots that may not get more attention for a while.   Nonetheless, we are HOME.


I’ll update you as I have more information regarding the steroids.


Until then…better put on my running shoes!