In one day, the boys will turn ONE.

In four days, we will have our super hero themed birthday party!

In between now and then there are a few to-dos.  Between the two nights we’ll have somewhere between 16 to 20 overnight guests.  (Holy slumber party!)  K is so excited he can hardly contain himself.  He can’t wait for his friends and cousins to see his new house, his swing set, and come be superheroes.  The twins are getting geared up as well.  N has decided to do one year old things, like get a couple of TEETH!  L is practicing his smile for the photos.

I’ve spent roughly the last 8 years (8 days) of my life making two tiny super hero capes.  If you could have accomplished that in mere minutes it’s best you keep that to yourself.  I may not have time to clean, get groceries, decorate, or prep for the party…but I WILL finish these capes.  Then we’ll all sit around and look at them.  (Not touching them of course, lest they fall apart.)

In between now and then, I encourage you to participate in the hero challenge!  I’m gathering up the stories and gestures, and they have been so much fun to read!  You all are amazing.