We had another interesting day.   Landon in particular was even more lethargic today, ran a very cool temperature, and refused to eat until this evening.  I’ve been on the phone with home health, our pediatrician, our specialists, and our day care teacher.  We kept in touch, and between the entire group, I think we have a plan yet again.

We tested Landon’s CBC today.  His white blood count was good, helping us rule out Sepsis.  (Don’t google medical things when you are worried about your child.  Just don’t.)  They wanted a blood culture, but he was being too stingy!

We were very very glad it was not sepsis, but that left us without an answer.  I finally had a chance to talk directly to our neurologist this evening, and she agrees we are likely just seeing some sort of reaction to the medicine.  Tomorrow morning’s home health appointment will now include a check of both boys’ Topamax level, and electrolyte level.  Hopefully we’ll have a better understanding soon!

Sleeping Peacefully

Sleeping Peacefully

In the meantime, we’re working hard at keeping them hydrated.  Landon drank 5 oz of pedialyte, his medicine, and 4 oz of milk this evening.  So we feel good about how the evening went.

I can’t wait to get him (them) back to normal.  But despite the multiple pokes, unsuccessful blood draws, lack of energy, and lingering cold, he keeps gracing us with a sweet smile from time to time.  Tough little boy(s).