Well…we are still here.  But I swear we are making progress.


Landon is completely off of IV fluids now, and despite spitting up more than the medical team would have hoped today, he is still staying hydrated, and producing enough wet diapers.  Provided there are no setbacks…I think he will go home tomorrow.  I’ve thought that before.  I’ve been wrong before.  We’ll see.


Nolan and I got in to a good rhythm today.  The feeding tube is surprisingly easy to handle.  More on that another time.


I learned that I can see the zoo, and that the orangutan exhibit in particular is visible from my window.   Despite a lot of effort, there have been no sightings.   In related news, my productivity is down.  In other related news, the orangutans reported frequent sightings of an 8th floor mom hovering awkwardly in front of her window.


All in all, the day went well.  Nolan and I finally strolled down to the Ronald McDonald Room for dinner.  You can’t leave with the food, so I made a salad and a plate and sat down, feeling relax, then noticed Nolan spit out a mouthful of blood.

(don’t panic)

(well, panic a little, because I did)

I threw my food right in the trash, mumbled something to a stranger who is probably still talking about “that weird wasteful mom” and bolted back upstairs.  Is it his lungs?  Something wrong with his tube?   I asked one of the nurses to take a look, and another one confirmed he did that a few nights ago.  It seems he isn’t quite used to one of his bottom teeth, and keeps either nipping his tongue, or bumping his upper gums.

If I were to make a list of things I don’t need right now, Nolan coughing up blood would likely be on the list.  Nonetheless, it seems we are dealing with more of a wayward tooth.  I’m trying to get him to chew on a pacifier rather than himself, but he disagrees.

My conclusion is it is time for us to go, before I become a complete mom-ochondria, or Nolan finds another reason to get attention from nurses.


Being here leads to a lot of reflecting, so I’d like to do another “this time last year”.  Here is a post from October 14th of last year.  Held in the Storm.

Thanks as always for caring about these boys, come rain or shine.