Landon’s chest X-ray today revealed that for the first time since Monday, the pneumonia did NOT get worse.  In fact, they saw a teeny tiny bit of improvement in the upper part of his left lung.  He still has a long road ahead of him, and that’s nothing to write home about (although I of course did, and sort of am again now).  But any good news is welcome, even in small doses.

I can NOT wait to get to him tomorrow.  This is the longest we’ve been split up, and I am not good at it, especially when he is so vulnerable.  Daddy has done a great job taking care of him though.

We continued the Halloween festivities here.  Tonight N got to wear L’s lion outfit.  He was not a fan.  And may have roared at me more than once.



He was THIS happy to take it off.


More to come tomorrow, when I am once again by Landon’s side.