Lots of updates on Landon!

Yesterday, he had a chest x-ray with additional improvement.  They had a bronchoscopy schedule, as mentioned.  I was allowed to stay, but was asked to stay seated in the corner.  The reason was “brave parents make loud thuds”.  🙂  I did NOT thud.  But I also didn’t see much.



I’m kidding, they were great.  They talked about what was happening, and I was able to watch on the screen.  Landon handled it very well, and they got a good look at his lungs and obtained samples.  I gain more respect for the docs every time I see more of what they have to know.


I received information on the keto diet, talked to social workers about a variety of things, and mixed in a little world.  So all in all, Monday was productive.  Particularly for Landon.  He continued to work his way down on lower and lower support on the vent, and by Monday, was essentially at the lowest settings.

When I left Tuesday morning, he was continuing to show off, looking adorable, and proudly displaying a few photos on his door.

image     image


The team kept me updated today.  We just wrapped up our 3rd phone call, and I am pleased to report that Landon is officially extubated!  NO VENTILATOR!.  He is on a hi flow nasal cannula, currently set at 10 L per minute.  They will continue to wean as he shows signs of readiness.

It was hard to leave him for a couple of days, but we also know a lot is yet to come our way.  Including his continued recovery, and pending G-tube surgeries for both boys.  So while he is on the upward trend, and in very capable hands, we are going try to get back to business at home and prepare for what is coming next.

I left some cds for him, as well as a note on the board that read “Hi everyone, I’m Landon, and I like warm hugs”.  🙂  Hopefully now that he is tube free, the nurses have discovered he is one of the world’s best cuddlers.