I’ve said it before, but it is worth repeating – one of the most eye-opening parts of this journey for me has been seeing first hand just how kind the world is. We hear all the time about the bad. The angry. The selfish. Any given night on the news, the first 55 minutes are filled with reasons we should all hide from the world, and give up. That voice is loud. And it is hard to tune out.


But the smaller, gentler voice is out there in the world too. You just have to listen. And Justin and I are blessed to hear it all the time. We constantly find ourselves surrounded by the good, the joyful, and the selfless.

Sometimes that voice is a virtual stranger at church, organizing meals for us for the coming weeks. Sometimes that voice is the overwhelming response from some who know only a snippet of our story, or perhaps don’t know us at all, filling up that meal calendar faster than we can find dates. Sometimes that voice is a former coworker, who knows that no matter how many miles are now between us, a comforting word is only an IM or email way. Most recently, that voice came in a generous and anonymous gift to help us with gas and expenses. And in that case, I can’t even begin to thank all those involved, because they weren’t seeking any recognition. Only a way to help. Thank you, whoever you are.


The details of how we each hear that voice aren’t important. What matters is that it is there. And that we should not hide from the world and give up, but rather make it better, make it brighter, and lift up those around us. You are great at that, and we love you for it.

So thank YOU once again, for each and every thing you have done to lighten our load and brighten our world. And for each and every kind thing you to make the world a better place for those around you.


Our life has been a little bit hectic the last month, so I unfortunately didn’t get around to posting about the Hero Challenge yet. But it is absolutely worth sharing, and worthy of its own moment in the spotlight. So as part of my thank you, look for more on that, with numerous of examples of how the world is a better place, because YOU are in it.