L and N are 12 months old (sort of).  Ok, minor detail.  I had planned to do this on their due date, but that came and went during Landon’s pneumonia.  So here we have the 12th and final installment!


Weight – 21 lbs 3 oz

Food – Landon is currently taking a constant feed via an NJ tube.  His rate is 40 ml per hour, roughly 32 ounces per day.  A G-tube surgery is planned for early December, and once the dust settles, we plan to get back to working on oral feeds.  Even if just for spoon feeding, and a bottle or two per day.

Accomplishments – Coming out of TWO hospital stays!  Landon is very vocal now, making coos, ahhs, and growls throughout the day.  He had a setback in terms of tone, (as would any of us who were sick for 4 out of 6 weeks) but he will get there!

Likes – Hand rubs, being talked to, and lights.

Other – Wearing 18 month clothes (24 month in hand me downs) and size 4 diapers. Sleeps so peacefully and wakes up smiling!


Weight – 21 pounds!!!  (Holy smokes!)

Food – Nolan is still on NG, taking five 6 oz bottles per day.  Like Landon, he will have the G-tube soon, and we will also work on getting back to some oral feeding once he is ready.

Accomplishments – Coming out of a hospital stay, more responsive smiles, more alert time.

Likes – Leg massages, tummy rubs and being talked to. 

Other – Wearing 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers. Sleeps great!

Moments I don’t want to forget:

  • The combined three hospital stays.  They are so tough and continue to amaze us.
  • Watching Landon’s ambulance lights kick on.
  • Introducing them to more family at the reunion.
  • Their first birthday party!
  • Having so many join in the celebration with the hero challenge.

And now…their 12 month photos!






DSC_0778 DSC_0786 DSC_0799 DSC_0804 DSC_0809 DSC_0810

And let’s not forget how far they’ve come!

DSC_0639 (2)