We have a lot to be thankful for right now.  Recoveries, health, memories, helping hands.  It feels like a good time to remind you of why we’re thankful for you, by giving you the results of the hero challenge.

Inspired by the way in which so many have reached out to help us, support us, love us, and pray for us, I wanted to say “thank you” in a far bigger way than I could ever do alone.  So…we asked for your help once again, in paying it forward.  You responded in full force, and made a difference for so many.

Here was the original request…


Here is a special video that captures the enthusiasm…


And here are SOME, (but no where near all) of the things you did.


  • ›  Took a meal to a family that recently had multiples. Complete with Melody’s favorite taco dip.
  • ›  Donated a massage gift card to a mom who has been busy with her family, including a special needs child and a husband who is recovering from multiple surgeries.
  • ›  In honor of Landon and Nolan’s 1st Birthday, Pop & Nan made over 30 pints of peach preserves to be given to other people & challenging them to do something nice for someone else in the name of Landon & Nolan.
  • ›  Took “welcome” items to a new neighbor.
  • ›  Paid for a month worth of day care for a family in need.
  • ›  Delivered snacks and treats to the local police officers, fire department, and EMS crew.
  • ›  Made cupcakes for meals on Wheels for homebound seniors.
  • ›  Paid a band camp fee for a student who could not pay.
  • ›  Ordered T Shirts for some who could not get them.
  • ›  Bought a meal for a family at Culver’s.
  • ›  Fixed a dinner for a family suffering a devastating loss of a loved one
  • ›  Stopped to assist a family who had a piano fall off a trailer.
  • ›  Paid a friend’s admittance to the Women’s Club play.
  • ›  Donated to Somerset Christian School scholarship fund to assist children with tuition.
  • ›  Signed up to be a marrow donor.
  • ›  A grandson of our dear friends, was also a Super Hero, he battled brain stem cancer for 10 months, but yesterday he went to be with Jesus. We have sent a gift from you two Super Heroes in your name to help pay his medical bills. Someday, in heaven you can let him know who you are. You two, as well as he, have made a difference in many lives.
  • ›  I decided to honor the boys by delivering ice cream to The Bank of Romney (Augusta branch) God Bless the whole family!!!
  • ›  Helped an older gentleman, who was admiring Rose, sit on a motorcycle for the first time in years.
  • ›  Bought Speedway gas cards for Hancock Christian Clearing House to distribute to those in need.
  • ›  Surprised a family of 7 by paying for their meal at a restaurant when we were invited to share a birthday event with them.
  • ›  Donated $100 for the School Backpack Program to provide food on weekends for elementary children that would go hungry without this help.
  • ›  Purchased pink light bulbs as we will “Glow to Show” our support for Breast Cancer patient education, research and care.
  • ›  Provided meals to a family with new twins.
  • ›  Donated Books to a local school
  • ›  Helped some friends in need
  • ›  Volunteering for Project Lead the Way at the local high school.
  • ›  Spent extra time with her mother, and talked about some of her favorite memories.
  • ›  Helped with the Angel Choir, the UK hospital, pitched in extra with some family needs.
  • ›  Donated money to the Blanchard Valley Center
  • ›  Made a donation to the Ronald McDonald House (3)
  • ›  Gave away their Garden Vegetables
  • ›  Helped buy supplies for a classroom in Morgantown
  • ›  Took a meal to a friend
  • ›  Sending a birthday in a box for a foster child who keeps getting relocated.
  • ›  Took one of her special needs students to a Rotary Club meeting where they could be the guest of honor.
  • ›  Donated Blood
  •   Ran a Superhero 5K
  • ›  Bought books and toys for a friend who is going to take in a foster child.
  • ›  Helped a friend get caught up on bills
  • ›  Being more understanding and patient in general. Hold doors. Say thank you.
  • ›  Helping Coordinate a search for a marrow match for a terminally ill child.
  • ›  Helped locate a runaway dog
  • ›  Donated food to the weekend nutrition program through their local elementary school.
  • ›  Donated to the local food pantry
  • ›  Took a couple out for a sunset cruise on the lake as a gift
  • ›  Put money on the lunch card of a child who was denied food and couldn’t afford to put more money on.
  • ›  Donated food to the “Nutrition on Weekends” program
  • ›  Paid to help the local band go to Chick Fil A bowl
  • ›  Donated Walmart gift cards to the pregnancy crisis center
  • ›  Donated to Ruff Start Boxer Rescue
  • ›  Donated a free photo session for Landon and Nolan’s first birthday
  • ›  Bought formula for a hungry baby to help a family in need.
  • ›  Gave Justin and Melody a free day/date night while they watch the kids.
  • ›  Donated household items to the Hope House
  • ›  Filled up the Hope House Penny jar
  • ›  Delivered donuts to the local public servants
  • ›  Delivered donuts to the morning shuttle crew
  • ›  Delivered popcorn and cookies to the cleaning crew, evening shuttle crew.


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