The boys have had some fantastic days as of late. I spend a lot of time telling you about our bad days, so I wanted to make sure I paint a picture of what a good day looks like too.

L and N have been increasingly alert lately.   They smile often, particularly at sounds. But also at nothing at all.   We recently had a weekend of them at their best, and it looked something like this:

Nolan has a crooked grin that resembles the smirk often seen on his daddy and 3 year old brother. When he is excited, he will pump his arms and legs as if he is marching. He enjoys playing under his toy arch, and really seems interested in bumping the rattle. When he is excited, he can kick his legs enough to get them off of the ground. His grasp is strong. And his voice is getting some strength too. He can be heard from across the house, and even woke K up one evening. He will “talk” even more if you are talking to him, and he loves music.

Landon is sleepier than Nolan, but has still been very alert lately. On his good days, he is bright eyed, and quietly observant. His favorite activity is still snuggling, and he is quite good at it. He is also finding his voice a bit more, with a soft gentle growl. He has started expressing when he isn’t happy about something, and will let us know when he has a gas bubble or needs a fresh diaper. Landon will also play under the toy arch, moving his arms and knocking them in to every toy. He loves when you get his hands together to help him clap or hold on to something. He has a big gummy smile, and loves massages and being held close.

Sunday morning, Nolan and Landon smiled all throughout church. I think they like the loud music. In fact, Nolan made a joyful noise and gained a buddy or two nearby.

Sunday evening, we took the whole crew to the movies. When we returned home, K was in the mood to play super heroes so the 3 “big kids” donned super hero masks, and the babies held the coveted treasure in their tiny fists. We spent an hour storming the castle, sneaking by guards, stealing treasure, protecting treasure, throwing imaginary nets, using pretend suction cups to climb, avoiding traps and enjoying the imagination of a 3 year old. I loved that the babies were involved, and K did too. Afterward, K wanted to read books to them, so Landon cuddled up and Nolan smiled as they enjoyed hearing Tickle Tree for the 1000th time.


Heroes all day every day

Heroes all day every day